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1st WINNER OF WOODFORD CUP The Old House by Brian Edgworth
2nd Wickham sun by Alex Suckling
3rd Lamarama by Brian Edgworth
1. WINNER UNDER 13 Chimney Pots by Peter Banks
1. WINNER UNDER 18 Fridge Street by Becki Lemon
COMMENDED I only do this at Christmas by Brian Oswald
COMMENDED SWAT rally,march and protest by Neale Fray
COMMENDED The Meon in Decemberby Brian Edgworth
In the pink by Michael Carter
Meon winter evening
UNDER 18 Chesapeake Glow by Becki Lemon
Harvesting Shadows by Becki Lemon
JUNIOR Winter Welcome in Wickham by Peter Banks
JUNIOR Sneaky peek by Peter Banks
JUNIOR Moody Waters by Peter Banks
JUNIOR Wickham weir by Peter Banks
Clouds over Wickham Square by Alex Suckling
Dulce domum by Brian Oswald
Winter dressing by Brian Oswald
Snow fun run by Kate Conduct
A not so busy crossroads by Kate Conduct
O'Christmas Tree by Kate Conduct
White water meadows by Kate Conduct
The yellow ambulance by Chris Hoare

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